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.:>>mEg'S sItE<<:.


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About Meg

`~*AlL AbOuT MeG G. MaCpHeRsOn*~`

Yes...It is school pic

Birthday: December 12
Age: 15 7/8
Raised: Sydney, Nova Scotia
Currently: Halifax, Nova Scotia
School: H. W. High School

Family and Friends:
P. B.
Dad: H. M.P.
Gurdians: Erin (D.) M.P. (stepmom)
Brothers: Connor 13, Callum 18 Months
Sisters: None
"Just like" Family: R. R., Ash Rice and Aaron Rice
Close Sydney Friends: Jessica , Micki , Andrea , Nicole , Brittany , Lacey , Mark , Kyle , John  and Kyle
Close Halifax Friends: Candance , Sarah , Dave , and Erin

Random Questions:
What Colour Hair would you like to have other then your own: Dark Brown or Pink streaks
What Animal would you like yo own: Headchog! Or another puppy dawg
What's one thing you'd like to change about yourself: My weight (but I'm werking on it!)
What language would you like to learn: Spanish (whichi am in school)
What Career do you want: I want to be a Dermatologist, or some other kind of doctor.


Taking a break from work

What a job!

I might describe my job in a little more detail here. I'll write about what I do, what I like best about it, and even some of the frustrations. (A job with frustrations? Hard to believe, huh?)

FrIeNdS n' HoBbIeS

My friends are Jess, Micki, Lacey, Nicole, Andrea, Jenn Anderson, Brittany M., Mark, Kyle MacPh., John, Kyle B., Colin, Kyle MacA., Brayson, Mitchelle, Brittany H., Maureen, Des, Rachelle, Jackie n a few others. Plus my new friends, Dave, Sarah, Amanda, Candance, Chantel, Ernesto, Fahad and Krista.
My hobbies include Tennis, Swiming, soccer, walking, reading, writing, drawing, computers, travel, music, movies, chilling downtown, hanging at a friend's house, meeting new people, shopping and other stuff.

Food: Chicken, Pizza, salad is good too
Movie: The Whole 9 Yards, Ocean's 11, Pirates of the Carribean
Music: anything besides Hard Metal or Rock, Pop groups/singers, Country and some rappers
Books: Bones, Perfect Poision, Grave Secrets
Shows: CSI, Nip/Tuck, Will & Grace, SmallVille
Shirt: My black, sprakly zipper one I bought in Quebec
Pants: My Jeans from Thrifty's; Garage
Shoes: My Blue and White adidas; Green and Yellow ones
Subject: Science, English, Art, Pal
Brands: Gap, Bluenotes, um...
Stores: Claire's, Garage, Le Chateau, Suzy Shier, The Bay, Music World, HMV
Restraunts: Wein, Stien, and Ho, Jack Astor's, Subway, Wendy's
Place I've Visited: Toronto or Flordia (i had soo much fun in Oue and Ott!)
Car I'd want to own: PT Cruiser
Shampoo: Fructis or Joicio