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The Evolution of the Atomic Theory










I used mosty other websites for my information. They were extremely useful.

What Do You Need To Know?

The only part of the world that I am very familiar with is North America (mostly Canada). This is not only because I live there, but also because I took Canadian history last year. I don’t know much about the rest of the world because I haven’t learned about it since grade nine and I don’t remember these things very well.

  • All over the world people are being effected by their environment. Places that have a hot climate would cause the habitants to dress so that they can be as comfortable as possible in the heat. Places that have a cold climate would cause its habitants to dress warmly. If someone lives near the water then they will probably develop a liking for fish since it would make for the most convenient food source. For people who live in a place where food is scarce and water is far away, they will likely starve or become victims of malnutrition. everywhere people are effected by their environment whether it causes big changes in their life (ex. New Orleans, Tsunami) or it just creates a way of living that is most contributing to survival.

                I would like to learn more about the Caribbean Islands because my mom is from Jamaica.

Thank you to all the sites that gave me the great information.

Chemirty 11 project The Evolution of the Atomic Theory